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BYP Research

On this page you will find links to read reports and download data from over 10 years of research on young people in the United States. These data show the political opinions and experiences young people during this period.

The BYP Millennials Report

Black Millennials in America

This report, “Black Millennials in America,” reflects our commitment to knowledge, voice and action. We hope the data and findings in this report will contribute to a call to action to bring about change rooted in the ways Black millennials experience contemporary America.

Original Research

Black Youth Project Survey

This research will explore the ideas and attitudes of young people in the realms of sex, intimacy and health, political participation, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, rap music and videos, religion as well as current public policy impacting, in particular, young African Americans.

Original Research

Mobilization And Change

We explore the impact of Obama’s winning on possible changes in participation, civic activity, feelings of political alienation and trust, and racial and gender attitudes and interactions. Studying these questions over time with a nationally representative panel of respondents provides us with the unique opportunity to explore if and how this political moment might be used to expand individuals’ civic and political attitudes and behavior.

Memo Series

Democracy Remixed

Black and Latino Youth: The Future of American Politics Memo Series focuses on the civic and political engagement of America’s youth, especially Black and Latino youth, and investigates their participation in electoral politics and how their unique life experiences shape their views toward politics.