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Data for Liberation

The Data Liberation Project is a collaboration of the efforts of the Genforward Survey and Black Youth Project. Here, you can learn more about the project and watch our webinar series.

About the Project

The ultimate purpose of the Data for Liberation Project is two-fold. First, we hope to liberate data from the grips of academia and to prevent it from being siloed in the academy. Second, we hope that this project will further the use of data within movement work as a liberating tool for marginalized folks. To achieve these goals, we want to think with and among activists and organizers and all who are invested in the liberation of marginalized people. Further, we hope to shed light on the data and stories that activist communities have gathered themselves, as liberation is a collective struggle.

The Data for Liberation Project hosts bi-monthly webinars featuring speakers who are deeply invested in organizing and movement work. The goal of these webinars is to shed light on the myriad of ways that young activists and organizers approach their work and to think about how we can uplift, strengthen, and deepen this work.

Data for Liberation Presents:

Organizing Through COVID-Capitalism

This webinar sought to think about how we should understand this current moment of what we are calling COVID-capitalism. We brought together a group of organizers and activists in order to think about what we want from the state, the promises of socialism, the weaknesses of capitalism, and what this means for movement work. Perhaps more importantly, we wanted to think through the radical possibilities of this moment.

Directly Confronting the State:

Shaping Politics in November & Beyond

This is a nuanced discussion on direct action organizing, property (destruction and protection), and more traditional forms of political engagement such as voting and occupying an elected office. This webinar delved into the myriad of ways that Millennials and Gen-zers are engaging in forms of political resistance — namely the participation in politics of disruption and agitation. We aimed to highlight youth who are developing political consciousness in non-traditional ways and to explore the insistence on the value of property over people.

Contested Politics:

Preparing for November 3rd and Beyond

This webinar discussed topics surrounding the upcoming election. We also discussed direct action, voter suppression, the USPS crisis, and organizing pre and post-election. In other words, the conversation sought to be much larger than just the question of “should we vote?”.

Election and Vote by Mail