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The GenForward Survey project is the first of its kind—a nationally representative survey of over 4,000 people that amplifies the voices of young adults by over sampling African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinx Americans under 40. In this section you can find a collection of our toplines, datasets, codebooks, and field reports.

New: Midterm Elections and Voting (October 2022)

Abortion, January 6th, And The Midterm Elections (July 2022)

The Road to the 2022 Midterms (April 2022)

Looking to the 2022 Midterms (Nov 2021)

Immigration, COVID & Public Policy (Aug 2021)

Post-Election Survey (Feb 2021)

Race, Young Adults and the 2020 Election (Oct 2020)

Politics 2020: Protest, Racism, & Policing (July 2020)

Race, Ethnicity, and the Financial Lives of Young Adults (June 2020)

The Coronavirus Pandemic (April 2020)

Electoral Politics & Childcare (Feb 2020)

Politics Towards 2020 (Oct 2019)

Criminal Justice (July 2019)

Climate Change (May 2019)

Nature of Work (Feb 2019)

Midterm Elections (Sept 2018)

Education (Aug 2018)

Gender & Sexuality (May 2018)

Institutions & Polarization (March 2018)

Technology & Sexual Harassment (Jan 2018)

Perceptions of Race and Racism (June 2016)